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Frequently Asked Questions

Henrietta Rabbit Entertainers - thankyou letterWhy chose an an entertainer through an agency?
Henrietta Rabbit carefully chooses her performers by audition and experience, so you can be sure of a professional and experienced artist
 If things go wrong, heaven forbid, but with the best will in the world, snow will fall and block the roads, cars may crash but our professionals will arrive come what may. But - and it's a rare but - if that proves impossible, the agency has resources to replace an entertainer and the show will go on. One wonderful lady was on a stretcher after her car was totalled at a cross-roads, using her mobile to ring us as she was lifted into the ambulance!

Why don't you put prices on the website?
We could do, but with such a wide choice of performers offering so many varied elements for a party, prices will differ. 
It's easy to ask for a quote and we're always happy to supply details, profile and price for your party - you can either ring us or fill in the request form. So please do!

What if we have a themed party?
Luckily, our artists just love dressing-up and are highly theatrical; they can accommodate almost any theme your little one might desire.

Henrietta Rabbit with cast for the Ceebies Live tourWhat age range do you cover?
We have entertained at first birthdays up to  young teens - we can find a match with the right entertainer for your event. Our entertainers are skilled at family events too - weddings and special grown-up family birthdays too, they create a wonderful family show that is remembered for years to come

How long have you been doing this?
I've been an entertainer for thirty years. It's a job I adore. I started the agency when I found I was always booked, and was truly blessed to discover Rosie Rainbow 19 years ago, my first performer...since then we've never looked back and can provide just about ANYTHING for ANY event where there are children...